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Altruism.AI is a nonprofit that focuses on advancing artificial intelligence (AI) for the good of individuals and humanity.  As the science of AI continues to develop, people need ways to maintain privacy and secure ownership of the data they create.  We also need to ensure that all of humanity has equitable access to the benefits of new technologies like AI.

Altruism.AI is working to create ways to make people's data private and secure.  Using artificial intelligence means interacting with a program that collects information.  All of your conversations, media streams, and other inputs, that are generated through AI use, need to go to a secure place that you own and control.  That is why we creating technologies like secure PODS and life archives (see Portfolio).

We are also committed to insuring that AI doesn't become a technology that benefits only businesses or wealthy individuals.  Creating intelligent programs may be one of the greatest technological advances that humans achieve, and everyone should share in the benefits of AI.  That is why we are dedicated to helping nonprofits understand and utilize new AI technologies.

Altruism.AI is working to create artificial intelligence that can help nonprofits succeed.  That means creating expert AI systems that provide business insight and guidance - like AI assistants that automate business processes and help with administrative tasks.  We want to eliminate the knowledge barriers that can keep people from turning great ideas into impactful nonprofit initiatives.

At our core, Altruism.AI is focused on an altruistic approach to building AI.  Altruism is the selfless concern for the well-being of others, and we see the opportunity to develop truly altruistic AI.  As the capabilities of artificial intelligence continue to grow, we are focused on creating AI that increases the quality of people's lives, helps humanity evolve, and improves the world around us.
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Altruism.AI is the nonprofit sister organization of StartupStudio.AI, which is a platform for launching artificial intelligence startups.  Artificial intelligence is entering a phase of rapid advancement.  As the field moves forward, many new technologies will be created, which will profoundly affect people's lives.  StartupStudio.AI is focused on creating AI companies that can improve the lives of all individuals.  For more information, visit StartupStudio.AI.
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